Portrait Sessions:

Every photographer has a "style".  Some are more formal, while others throw caution to the wind and use words such as "photojournalism" a lot.  Myself, I am a strong believer in expression and interaction.  Whether it is at my studio, or perhaps in an outdoor setting, I feel that sometimes the best images maybe those of a giggle, the way a child looks at his/her mom, or just maybe... no smile at all..  For it is that look that I believe you are looking into a soul.  I may "softly" direct individuals, but you will find no rigid posing here.  One can't possibly capture an individual's soul and spirit when another person directs with an iron hand!  Contact the studio for session fees.


HEADSHOTS/social media branding:

Whether you need a professional image for your business, to start your business, or in general, to put yourself out there, I take your social media image very seriously.  Studies have shown that the image you display has huge significance to a person's opinion as to whether to continue to explore your website or business.  The process to obtain a great image is done with professionalism and knowledge of body type, how light reflects on the fact and just the right amount of retouching.  Thus the reason I do not do "headshot parties".  

Expect the following with my studio:

  • Starting out with a telephone conference, we will discuss your business and how you can combine your personality with your business. We will discuss clothing styles and especially what NOT to wear.

  • Plan on spending about an hour or so. If a makeup artist is included, plan on spending an hour extra just for makeup. It may take an hour or less for this, but budgeting extra time is always a plus.

  • Men should bring 3 outfits with them according to our telephone conference call. Women should bring 5. We may not use all of the outfits, but the option is there and I have used all outfits in the past on several occasions.

  • Different backgrounds may be switched out based on an existing website already in place. This is so that your professional image blends smoothly.

  • I will arrive at the desired location 1/2 hour earlier than your session time to begin placement of special studio lights. I place my lights based on your height, weight and the type of face you have. It's all about good light. Location selection is based on clients convenience as well as photographer’s availability. Many clients prefer in home portrait sessions or in the case of professional headshots….. their office location may work best.

  • You will be gently guided into the best "stance" for your image. This is different for everyone. You will also be guided on your expression as well.

  • After your images are taken, they are put online in a private website for you to view. I will give you my personal selections that I think are the best. These are just my opinions and that is it. You can make your own decisions. You are also guided into what to look for in choosing the best image.

  • After your selection, we then begin a light process of retouching. This is where as the old saying goes, "we seperate the men from the boys." Too often the use of Photoshop is overdone and your image tends to look nothing like you upon completion. Dark circles are removed, lines are reduced and NOT removed, teeth whitened slightly, red in the eye is reduced.

  • Once completed, you will receive an email with the BEFORE/AFTER photograph with the exact retouching outlined.

  • The second email will contain your images in various printing and social media sizes.

If this interests you, please feel free to email the studio for a PDF brochure of the headshot process and pricing at Lerephoto@gmail.com.



Rather than ask "What do you charge for xxxx", I prefer to converse with  you over various options of coverage.  As a photographer for close to 30 years now, I have photographed hundreds of weddings, mitzvahs and corporate events.  Now, rather than work every Saturday and Sunday of every week, I selectively choose events along with my clients.  Not to sound pompous, but when I photograph your event, I put it all on the table.  Ability, creativity and in general, sweat goes into every event.  Therefore, I have limited myself to a certain amount of events a year.  I do not advertise for event photography only because "word of mouth" advertising has kept me more than busy... which I am great full for.  Whether it is a corporate event such as convention that needs coverage to something as small as a 4 hour wedding, I will be glad to quote you price.